Fall Is Here…

Today I went for a run at the park near my house.  There’s a GREAT trail there with wonderful views.  After my run, I looked around and just enjoyed the beauty and realized that fall is finally here…it put me in the mood for pumpkin!! So, I decided to do a little baking! I went…

Not 900 Reps…But!!!

I read a quote today on bodybuilding.com that said, “Don’t limit your challenges, Challenge your limts!”

Okay today is Friday and cause for another go a the 900 Reps To Fitness Workout!!! Whooohoooo!!! Well, I would love to say that I made it to 900 reps BUT I didn’t.  Not yet…  I did however improve and if showing up is half the battle, progress has to be somewhere mixed into the other half.

Ok, so I did (drum roll please)….600 reps!!!! I’m almost there. I have to say that this is a challenge and I love this workout.  Thanks again Christian M. for this awesome total body smashing!!! LOL!!!!

So, I’ll be back next week with hopefully more progress!

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Small Steps to Eating Healthy

If you really want to transform your health and ultimately your body at some point you have to tackle your diet.  Before I go any further, let me clarify that when I say diet I don’t mean diet in the sense of fad eating trends that usually amount to more weight gain in the long…